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Since it is our role as parents to guide our children,
we have to ask, what is guiding us?

If it is our day to day stressful circumstances, harried schedule, and exhausted mood, we are underperforming as parents.

On the other hand, if we are defined by a positive parenting purpose and values, we become visionary as parents. A values grounded framework, driven by a positive vision and values, liberates us and our families from being defined by our day to day stressful circumstances.

As a result, we’re more likely to bring to life our strengths as parents, raise healthy and happy children, and ENJOY our day to day parenting journey.

Values grounded parenting is about culture building within our wonderful and beautiful families.

Our family culture is a powerful force that influences and shapes the standards with which we raise our children. 

When our culture is clearly defined and anchored in positive values, it operates much like a well-functioning thermostat – supporting a healthy range of behavior.

On the other hand, when our culture is ill defined and not consistently anchored in positive values, our families can become chaotic and reactive, filled with emotional fireworks and unnecessary drama.


The Values Grounded Framework

So, how does one become a values grounded parent?

There are 4 Pillars within values grounded parenting. Each are briefly described below.

Pillar I: Vision, Purpose, and Positive Values

The first step is establishing your vision or positive purpose as a parent. Your vision serves as your parenting compass. The next step is to define your positive values. These values will help you accomplish your vision. Once your vision and values are clarified, the following step is to design your family blueprint. This provides helpful structure for your day to day happenings within your family. Together, each of the above steps serves to cultivate your family culture.  The culture within your home reflects your strength as a family. As part of being a values grounded parent, it is good practice to document your family culture on a ‘culture board.’ See below for an example.

Pillar II: The 5 C's

The 5 C’s reflect best practices in parenting. There are research based strategies that will increase your effectiveness as a values grounded parent. Consistency, Calmness, Competency, Clarity, and Consequences are the principles that serve to strengthen your day to day parenting efforts so your family culture remains solid.

III: Boundaries, Limits, and Consequences

Applying effective boundaries, limits, and consequences is key to reinforcing positive behavior with your children AND protecting the integrity of your family culture. Disciplining is an important part of this process. Values grounded disciplining is a positive, yet firm approach designed to help your children correct their ungrounded or negative behavior. 

Pillar IV: Productive Conflict, Mistakes & Growth Opportunities

In their efforts to grow up, children make many, many mistakes … as do their parents. Mistake making is a common, yet important part in growing together as a family. This framework teaches parents and children to use conflict and mistakes as fertile opportunities to learn and grow. This creates a home environment that fosters trust and positive intimacy. 

The 4 Pillars to The Values
Grounded Framework

Create Your One-of-a-Kind Family Culture Board

Below is a sample Family Culture Board. In the book, you will learn how to create AND use your Board as a declaration of who and what your stand for as a family. 

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