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Do you run events for professional organizations, workshops / training, seminars, podcasts or speaker series?

Empower your audience or organization with the framework that brings together teams, families and communities.

Whether for private events, corporate retreats, or public events, Values Grounded Consulting is excited to share this effective method to help reinvigorate families, companies and communities… through onsite training and speaking engagements.  

Dr. Redivo Helps Organizations and Schools Instill Unbreakable Values That Create Allignment, Engagement, Consistency and Effectiveness

A Bit More About Dr. Redivo

  • Studied and trained in systems theory, cognitive behavioral, and positive psychology as well as psychological assessment of children and adolescents.
  • Co-developed the TEAM Program - a group model designed to build teamwork, healthy conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.
  • Served in academia as a professor for doctoral psychology students as well as training director for a state-wide consortium.
  • Served in several leadership roles including director of clinical training, clinical director, executive director, and vice chair.
  • Developed the Values Grounded Learning Environment and Productive Conflict programs and manuals for school districts and business organizations. Provided training on the State and National level.
  • Developed the Stage System for school districts serving behaviorally challenged students.
  • Cofounded The Desert Heights Academy in 2008, a private day school serving students with exceptional needs
  • Cofounded Desert Breeze Transportation, a transportation company serving students throughout the Phoenix area
  • Began Values Grounded Consulting, a consultation and training business serving schools and business organizations locally and nationally

Find the Right Training For Your Organization

For Workshops / Seminars and
Speaking Engagements:

Specific Training and Presentations Include:

  • Parent Skills Training
  • Effective Communication
  • Follow 5 C's
  • Conflict Management/Resolution
  • Use Conflict as a Catalyst to Grow and Learn
  • Manure Theory of Mistakes
  • Positive Behavior Management
  • Developmentally Meaningful Ways to Reinforce Growing Up versus Growing Down
  • Family Culture
  • Define Your Culture rather than Being Defined by Culture
  • Fatherhood in the family
  • Strength of the Father

For Public Schools, Private Schools, and Charter Schools

Educational, Clinical, and Administrative Staff, and Transportation Departments

Specific Training and Presentations Include:

  • The Values-Grounded Learning Environment (VGLE) Curriculum
  • Positive Behavior Management
  • Increase On Task Behavior
  • Increase Cooperation Among Students and Between Staff and Students
  • Developmentally Meaningful Ways of Supporting Your Students in Growing Up versus Growing Down
  • Productive Conflict
  • Conflict Management/Resolution
  • A Model that Teaches Ways to Use Conflict as a Catalyst for Growth and Learning
  • Reduce Liability and Grow Resilience
  • Developmental Stage System
  • A developmentally informed system for students with behavioral issues/difficulties.
  • Private Consulting

For Organizations

Specific Training and Presentations Include:

  • Team Building based on the TEAM Program Curriculum
  • Great for Staff Retreats
  • Identify Strengths and Positive Qualities within Your Team and Explore Ways to Integrate and Grow These Strengths in Day to Day Work
  • Culture Building
  • Development of Vision and Mission
  • Collaborative Process of Clarifying Your Organization's Vision and Mission
  • Development of Core Values
  • Identify Positive Values that Represent Your Company
  • Identify Behaviors that Align with Values
  • Productive Conflict
  • Conflict Management/Resolution with Staff & Customers
  • Manage Conflict and Limit Liability
  • Use Conflict Productively as Means to Grow and Learn as an Team / Organization
  • Private Consulting

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