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Are You Suffering from Quarantine Fatigue? Some Practical Ways to Endure and Cope

For many parents, the novelty of being home together has worn off and they find themselves feeling worn out. Quarantine Fatigue has begun to take hold – a result from juggling work responsibilities, home school monitoring, daily household duties, and breaking up arguments and fights. In this blog, an endurance mindset will be discussed along with practical tips and strategies.

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Addressing the Issue of Pornography

In this real world example, a father addresses the issue of pornography with his son. Using a values grounded approach, focus is centered on healthy sexuality. The father uses the productive conflict method to discuss this emotionally charged and uncomfortable subject with respect and dignity.

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Pleasure versus Happiness: Raising Joyful Children

Children often see pleasure and happiness as one in the same.A defining feature of maturity is being able to differentiate between happiness and pleasure. Pleasure involves a short term positive experience.Happiness, on the other hand, goes beyond a pleasurable experience. It is a longer lasting, more sustainable experience that is not situationally dependent. It involves thinking more about the bigger picture.

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FEAR BASED PARENTING: Managing Fear or Being Managed by Fear?

Although fear can be useful in alerting us to a threat against our kids, it also can transform a balanced parent into a hovering, helicopter parent. A parent who attempts to engineer and control life circumstances in order to eliminate emotional hardship and failure for their kids. Fear can immobilize a child and keep them from going out of their comfort zone to learn, grow, and thrive.

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