Raise Healthy, Responsible
& Well-Adjusted Kids

Who Thrive In Your Household...
AND In The Real World.

Ditch the drama, disrespect, and conflict that pulls most families apart …

Choose Values-Grounded Parenting.

Transform Your Family Culture From Conflict To Calm…

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Your Kids To Start Listening To You

(And actually appreciate what you have to say)

You Have Great Intentions, Inspiring Dreams,
and a Lot Of Ambition as a Parent

But you’ve probably realized that growing your happy household isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

See Firsthand How The Values-Grounded Framework Can

Transform Your Family Culture From Strain To Strength

As a parent and psychologist, I understand your frustrations.

I know the challenges of raising children, especially in today’s #selfie culture. The Values-Grounded Framework was developed to help parents effectively navigate the day-to-day stress of raising children without compromising your family’s positive values and culture…

Effective Parenting Requires
'On the Job Learning' and
Doesn't Mean Perfect Parenting ...

We’ve all been there as parents…

Those thoughts and questions of “That’s not right for my child to behave that way. What do I do now?

As human beings, we inevitably face ups and downs… hardship and unexpected experiences are part of our parenting journey. Whether our children are having problems at school or being snarky and disrespectful at home or we don’t see eye to eye with our partner on discipline, we can find ourselves on the verge of losing it with each new conflict.

Furthermore, we live in a fast paced society that promotes a ‘do what feels good ” attitude, social disconnection, promiscuity and entitlement.

This creates a ‘cultural headwind’ for not only our kids but for us well intended parents.

Let's face it... In today's world,
raising your child is like an
Olympic Event ...

Rushing from activity to activity and struggling to keep up with the faster pace of the planet leaves us exhausted and drained by the end of the day. This harried pace can easily blind us from our positive values and our bigger purpose in parenting.

While we seek a happy and peaceful household, the pendulum can quickly swing to stress, anxiety and frustration… and a few restless night sleeps!

But, it doesn't have to be this way for you and your family.

Imagine how much more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding your life would be if your family was grounded in one shared vision.

It’s possible with Values Grounded Parenting.

A letter from the Founder...

Hello Fellow Parent,

My name is Dr. Michael Redivo.

As a child, adolescent, and family psychologist for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of personally helping thousands of parents and kids cultivate healthy and strong families fueled by solid values, trust and positive intimacy.

I’ve also served as the executive director of a school for children with behavioral and emotional problems. Our work focused on helping students grow up academically and behaviorally. The Values Grounded Framework was adopted by many school districts due to its focus on cultivating and reinforcing a healthy classroom and school culture where students felt safe to learn, grow, and thrive.

Although I am blessed with many positive professional experiences, the most gratifying experience has been to help raise my own healthy, joyful, and values grounded kids. 

The secret?

A framework that helps parents from all walks of life succeed at growing their family with values, purpose and one shared vision.

What I’ve found through my research and experience is that most parents do not establish a clear vision for their family. They haven’t been given the tools to unpack the positive values they’d like their household to embody…and in the process, they lose sight of their purpose as a parent.

This means a family that can easily get off track or not know what the “right” steps are.

I invite you to join the movement for Values Grounded Parenting, where parents from all walks of life share a single goal; to raise happy, hearty, healthy and well-adjusted children while creating a family environment that is refreshing, calming and extremely positive.

Values Grounded Parenting:

A Framework For Raising Healthy Children

Values Grounded Parenting is a new book that helps parents create a strong family culture rooted in positive values – values that are essential for raising well-behaved children, ready for the real world.

Sharing The Message Of
Values Grounded Parenting

Do you run events for professional conferences, training / workshops, organizations, seminars, podcasts, or speaker series? Whether for private or public events, corporate retreats, or professional conferences, I’m excited to share this effective method of parenting to help reinvigorate parents, families and children… through on-site training and speaking engagements.  

I also specialize in team and culture building and am available to help your organization become Values Grounded by creating a powerful and sustainable vision and values that support long-term growth.

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Transform Your Family Culture From Conflict To Calm...

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Your Kids To Start Listening To You

(And actually appreciate what you have to say)

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